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E.g., 09/29/2020
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Today, more and more gaming companies are turning to various GaaS models to monetize their games, and this increasingly affects how content is created, advertised and ultimately how it is localized. Wordbee’s Gaming Sector Specialists, Aline Müller and Maik Mehlhose will present how this evolution is impacting localization departments, how internationalization can help cope with issues that arise, and what technical features will be able to support a continuous and dynamic workflow for game subscription services.

Maik Mehlhose

Maik Mehlhose is the Head of Translation at Wordcraft GmbH, a comprehensive language service provider specializing in localization solutions architecture, corporate training, text and audiovisual translations, brand language & terminology management as well as text analysis. While completing his MA in Specialized Translation (Arabic/German) and Arabic Studies at the University of Leipzig and Ain Shams University, Cairo, he became interested in translation workflows, CAT tools and translation project management. In 2017, he joined Wordcraft GmbH and is currently responsible for the management of translation projects and the creation of translation workflows. In partnership with Wordbee, Maik is responsible for customer consultations especially for gaming companies and developing audiovisual training materials.

Aline Müller

Aline Müller is collaborating with Wordbee to strengthen their business development within the German speaking market and the Gaming Industry. She is an experienced leader, certified Localization Professional, and Organizational Consultant who has over a decade of experience in Online Media and Digital Entertainment industries, with six years spent leading Kabam’s Localization strategy. She was highly involved in Kabam’s international expansion and was one of the driving forces in the decision to build a dedicated Localization organization to support world-wide game development. She's building on this experience consulting companies in streamlining their localization strategy and building resilient organizations.