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E.g., 07/14/2020
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The US marketplace presents unique challenges to global LSPs. Choosing the right sales person, the correct verticals to focus on and tracking the right sales metrics are essential if you are looking to successfully penetrate the US marketplace. Too often global LSPs pay for expensive consultants or full time junior candidates in an effort to jump start their US sales. In the end, they lose both money and time. This webinar goes over the three basic steps that are needed to build a cost effective, end-user focused, customer-success operation in the US marketplace.

Michael Klinger

Michael Klinger has been in the globalization industry for more than twenty years. His career began as a Spanish-English and French-English interpreter. He received his MBA at Northeastern University while working for a vendor providing translation project management services. He worked for Winter Wyman Contracts and started their globalization business. Klinger went on to establish the software localization project and bilingual staffing services at Comsys, which became part of Manpower, and now is Experis. Klinger founded Anzu Global in 2006. His company provides bilingual staffing and brokerage services for the globalization industry.