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How Does Google Do it? A Brief Look into How the Google Localization Organization Delivers Quality at Scale

Laura Van Nigtevegt & Loy Searle

Monday, 28 March, 2011
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This talk will cover the unique challenges of delivering quality at scale within an iterative development process and in response to huge global advertising campaigns such as the World Cup and the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. We'll also discuss how Google uses its own tools, such as the Google Translation Toolkit within their internal localization processes, and how we leverage other Google tools in our daily work of localizing for Google.

Laura Van Nigtevegt

Laura van Nigtevegt has been a Dutch language specialist for Google for the past three years. After obtaining her Masters degree in Communications from the University of Amsterdam in 2002 Laura worked as a translator and copywriter for various online companies. Her interests include machine translation, post-editing and quality management. As a project lead, she is involved in the development of Google Translator Toolkit and its evangelization inside and outside Google.

Loy Searle

Loy Searle has been a leader within the localization and content management industry for the last 20 years. In her previous life at JD Edwards, she and her team of 80+ in-house translators pioneered single-sourcing and integrated quality and terminology process management - including growing their own translation and terminology tools and helping to bring their enterprise single-sourced content management solution to market.