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How to Create a Lean and Agile Global L10n Team for 59 Markets (in Two Years!)

George Chew & Rebecca Metcalf

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013
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Global retailer Amway created a lean and agile localization operation team handling requirements for 59 markets in over 62 unique locales all in two years. This presentation will uncover the strategies and techniques Amway used to achieve this goal while simultaneously cultivating corporate support. Learn how it started with the birth of Amway Localization Center, and hear about partnerships with LSPs as well as the effective organizational structure of Amway’s localization operation team. The session will also address how the company caters to region-specific requirements while keeping global governance and alignments intact.

George Chew

George manages strategy and operations at the Amway Localization Center at Amway world headquarters. He supports the global management system, QA, vendor-client management, global L10n operations and onboarding. George also focuses on process consolidations and enhancements while driving partnerships and enterprise adoptions. George has 10 years' experience in hospitality, localization, business systems and process, with a strong project management background. George also enjoys traveling and world cuisines.

Rebecca Metcalf

Rebecca has 10 years' experience in the localization industry and is an Association of Project Management Professional (APMP) certified project manager. In her role at Rubric, Rebecca handles complex localization projects for strategic clients and manages key customer relationships. She aims to deliver localization solutions to clients by identifying opportunities for process improvements and customizations.