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Neural research has taken the MT community like a storm and it looks the game changer for the foreseeable future. Although the basis for neural developments have been around for several years, it was only the discovery of GPU power that made it possible.

Pangeanic has developed two technologies for the translation community that can help LSPs change the way they do business. One of these tools is the result of a national R&D project. Cor not only can crawl and detect new or deleted content on a website, it can also pull the content out in a translation-friendly format. Elastic Search-based ActivaTM is the result of a EU project and it interfaces with Cor as a CAT-tool independent TM, resolving some interoperability issues thanks to machine learning for tag and in-line handling. Also, see how our own NMT results using TAUS data help translators do the job

This presentation compares our experiences between SMT and NMT, with open questions on hybridization for the future. Watch and learn more about MT advancements that can help your team maximize revenues.

Manuel Herranz

Manuel is a double graduate in engineering and linguistics. He worked as a training engineer for Ford Motor Company’s tool suppliers. He established Pangeanic in a friendly buy-out in 2005. Collaboration with Valencia’s Polytechnic research group and the Computer Science Institute led to the creation of the PangeaMT platform, becoming the first LSP in the world to implement open source Moses successfully in a commercial environment.

Garth Hedenskog

With over 8 years’ experience in the language industry and a strong background in sales, Garth joined Pangeanic’s fast growing team in 2015 to further develop our company on the international stage. Garth started his career in his native South Africa. He has since worked in the United Kingdom and Spain, where he has developed businesses in a range of different industries and two other LSPs (Seprotec and Mondragon Lingua).

Alex Helle

Alex joined Pangeanic in 2011. He attended the University of Alicante where he studied Technical Engineering in Computer Science. He majored in Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging during his Master’s Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is a specialist in Machine Translation in distant languages, like Japanese-English, Chinese-English-Spanish.