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E.g., 07/14/2020
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Given price and time pressures, it is not always possible to review an entire translation before delivery. However, a quality check on selected sections of the whole deliverable can indicate the overall quality. Yamagata Europe has developed a strategy to make the QA process lean and efficient and presents how the techniques can be implemented by using their software platform, QA Distiller, as an example.

In this webinar, Sien Accou describes how you can enhance your QA process using the Smart Sampling methodology. The methodology takes into account various parameters such as target audience, content type, target language, TM leverage, and vendor experience. Based on these criteria you can determine the ideal mix of text to be reviewed and the best approach to review the translation—be it a traditional human review or a semi-automated review using tools. Learn how to streamline your QA process and optimize your time and resources, while still delivering high-quality materials. 

Sien Accou

Sien Accou holds a master’s degree in translation from the University of Brussels and joined Yamagata Europe shortly after graduating in 2009. Yamagata Europe is the European Headquarters of the Japanese Yamagata Corporation and is a full service provider offering technical & commercial translations into over 65 languages as well as layout and print services. Sien has been involved in designing quality processes and implementing best practices for the company. She has over 6 years of experience playing different roles in the company from language engineer to manager of the quality assurance department. In her current role as a business development manager she focuses mainly on the company’s customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.