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Both buyers and providers of localization like to work with professionally educated translators who, preferably, are also native speakers of their language. This ensures content will be localized and that the message will be appropriately transcreated to the target market, improving the chances of product adoption and market acceptance.

Team collaboration is key in the current marketplace, regardless of the industry. However, managing a team of native speakers from different foreign countries presents many challenges, including issues with internal communication and relationships with coworkers, as well as alignment around the company’s culture and mission. How can managers and supervisors ensure alignment, cooperation, and team cohesion while working with culturally diverse teams?

This webinar describes some of the most common challenges faced on culturally diverse teams and discuss successful solutions. Viewers will learn practical and easy to adopt concepts to help minimize issues, all with the aim of improving team productivity.

Marcia Fervienza

Marcia is a Localization Manager at VMWare Airwatch. She specializes in leading multicultural teams to elevate brand perception and support company growth initiatives through the localization of products and marketing material. With 10+ years of experience managing globalization and localization processes throughout all stages of product engineering, Marcia is knowledgeable both at leading in-house teams and at outsourcing. Her work is focused on fostering employee engagement to ensure that linguists are also product specialists while building long-term relationships with vendors to ensure scalability and flexibility to operations.