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From Good to Great: The Quality Roundtable

Karin Richer, Jiri Stejskal, Shelly Orr Priebe, Eva Klaudinyova & John Watkins

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009
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Quality is best defined by the customer’s expectations. In other words, quality is the delivery of products or services that meet or exceed the quality requirements of the customer. For some products and services, quality must extend beyond the customer’s perception of quality and include statutory or regulatory requirements as well. There is no single, “right way” to meet customer requirements. What is important is having a framework in place that brings together the company resources, through documented processes, to work together to meet or exceed the requirements. These processes can extend from the highly qualitative measurements of defect counting to the more subjective measurements of customer satisfaction and even linguistic style.
In this roundtable discussion led by John Watkins, CEO of ENLASO, participants will learn the perspective of various companies, both on the supply side and the customer side, in defining what quality means for them. 

Karin Richer

Vendor Relationship Manager at Adobe.

Jiri Stejskal

Dr. Jiri Stejskal is the President & CEO of CETRA Language Solutions. Headquartered in Pennsylvania and with offices in Virginia, California, Ireland, Germany, Ghana, and Korea. CETRA serves institutional and corporate clients around the world. Jiri is a past President of the American Translators Association and past Vice President of the International Federation of Translators. Follow Jiri @cetrainc.

Shelly Orr Priebe

Shelly Orr Priebe is the founder of Executive Coaching and Consulting Firm Priebe & Associates. She spent 22 years in the L10N industry, starting in sales and marketing and spending a decade as the President of an LSP that did crowd and cloud before they were mainstream. She keeps her world view fresh and her passion for the industry alive via her role as GALA Board member. Out of L10N network friends and acquaintances often assume that she works in a creative field.

Eva Klaudinyova

At VMware, Eva Klaudinyova is responsible for managing localization in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Apart from managing international localization in these three major geographies, she is also responsible for linguistic quality, terminology and localization processes. She has been working in the localization industry since 2000.

John Watkins

John Watkins has an extensive background in product engineering and localization, having worked in international business for over 22 years. He has wide-ranging experience in software development and engineering, business process engineering, legal/HR management, international standards, and business management. He spent ten years in Europe working for the European Commission. He has an MS from the University of Cincinnati.