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E.g., 04/09/2020
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Smartling VP, Business Development, Matt DeLoca, dispels some of the common myths around Web localization, and demonstrate a new model for translation workflow of digital content. There is a significant and demonstrable opportunity for companies to expand globally. As a result, translation service providers have responded with new or expanded offerings, new business models, and user-friendly plug-ins. However, there is a significant resistance by companies that feel the process is still too hard or too expensive ”“ or both. By utilizing Web 2.0 technology, Smartling is modernizing translation for the digital age and enabling businesses, regardless of size or budget, to seize the opportunity to attract and acquire new online customers from around the world ”“ but without the traditional translation workflow complexity, and associated cost. Matt discusses the challenges of the traditional Web localization process and demonstrate the Smartling tools available for a modern translation workflow. As part of the discussion, he will highlight specific customer examples, such as GoPro and SurveyMonkey, and their results, as a way to show the advantages of going multilingual. You will walk away from this session with specifics on how your company can go global at a Web 2.0 pace.

Matt DeLoca

Matt DeLoca is a technologist, through and through (don’t let his title fool you). He just prefers working with clients to see our technology improve their bottom line. Before Smartling, Matt led Sales at The FeedRoom, prior to its acquisition by KIT Digital; he also helped grow the business of several other digital media start-ups, including Virage and Cinebase.