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E.g., 07/16/2020

Globalization—The Better the Ingredients, the Better the Cake

Mohamed Hassan

Thursday, 16 April, 2015
Free for GALA Members
$60.00 for Non-Members


In this webinar, Mohamed Hassan helps both demand and supply sides define their first steps toward developing a globalization strategy and evaluating existing strategies. Both demand and supply side experiences are addressed with equal consideration, because a successful strategy requires collaboration and has many mutual dependencies. Mohamed discusses globalization strategy components, processes, stakeholders, and roles. He will also spend some time defining key concepts and terms to make sure everyone is speaking the same language.

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Mohamed Hassan

Trusted by organizations to create international language solutions for close to 18 years, Mohamed has worked with top tier brands across the world. His expertise in the field has helped hundreds of clients globalize and localize their products, services and brands for different cultures, creating the ultimate native experience. Mohamed’s globalization experience in branding, transcreation, websites, promotions, and digital marketing strategy provides a single solution to today’s multi-channel demands. A speaker in localization and content events, Mohamed helps create awareness about the need for globalization aspects in today’s business world.