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Quality and pricing are two fundamental areas in the world of machine translation that have yet to reach a consensus. Could MT pricing be a bit fairer than it is today? How about only paying for good quality machine-translated words? Globalese 2.0 helps address these questions.

Globalese 2.0 has introduced Composite Engines, combining two SMT technologies. This web-based product was designed for Language Service Providers and companies producing large volumes of multilingual content, and allows a smooth integration of machine translation into standard translation processes.

In this webinar, Gergely Horváth presents the quality improvements achieved with Globalese 2.0 and gives a short update on new features.

Gergely Horváth

Gergely Horváth is Head of Development at MorphoLogic Localisation, a privately held language technology and service provider company located in Budapest, Hungary. After spending three years in charge of the Globalese development team, Gergely thought it might be a good idea to actually learn a bit about development. He quickly found himself in Brisbane, Australia, where he is currently doing a Master of IT.