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Traditionally, localization was concerned with content translation. Users gained access to the same product by choosing a specific language in the user interface, in online help, manuals, etc. These days, digital products that aspire to global success must go beyond presenting standard information in other languages. They need to delight global users by incorporating their cultural context into their products in order to maximize their business goals. In this webinar Pedro Gomez shares his experience building products at Microsoft for maximum global impact. Starting with the strategy, he talks about the process of designing products that balance global user satisfaction and engineering efficiency as exemplified by MSN, a content product that is created daily in 53 markets.

Pedro Gomez

Pedro Gomez works at Microsoft Corporation, where he leads a global operations team. Pedro has an extensive background in product development, cross-cultural communication, and international business. He holds a BA in natural languages and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.