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E.g., 07/11/2020
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Gaming companies wishing to localize their content for different markets often find themselves at odds when it comes to making the appropriate translation choices. This webinar uses the international gaming sector as an example and discusses how LSPs and companies can determine the depth of translation that is required. 

When should content be localized? When should specific terminology be left in English? Which choices should be made to render the game fully "localized" and most accessible for its designated target audience? 

This webinar looks at some examples of when a straight translation is appropriate, or when a project needs a more detailed approach requiring localization or transcreation, as experienced by the team at Jackpot Translation, the specialist online gaming division of translate plus.

Matthew Aydon

Matthew is a Business Consultant for Jackpot Translation, the specialist online gaming division of translate plus. He is responsible for developing new business and helping our clients optimize their translation processes by identifying ways to save time and money and to improve quality. Matthew has a BA in Modern Languages and European Studies, over three years’ account management experience, and a passion for all things gaming, betting and sporting!