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E.g., 08/09/2020
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In our fifth and final GALA Special Session, we’ll turn the spotlight on humanitarian organizations that leverage languages to conduct their mission-driven work. In times of crisis – and really any time – supporting a cause you care about delivers clear benefit to the recipient. But abundant research tells us that the giver of support benefits as well: to help yourself, start by helping others. In this virtual meet-up, we’ll hear from four organizations doing amazing work during this global health crisis (and year-round as well). Join us to hear about their initiatives and to learn how you can get involved using your unique talents. 

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Stella Paris

Stella is a versatile translation industry expert with a passion for languages and a belief in the power of global communication as a driver for change. With over 15 years of experience in the language service industry, she has held a variety of roles including freelance translator, in-house translator, vendor manager, project manager, key account manager, communication manager and marketing director at a global top 100 language service provider. Currently Stella leads the Language Services Team at Translators without Borders, providing life-changing and potentially life-saving information in a language and format people can understand by leveraging the potential of TWB's community-based model to support NGO partners with their language needs.

Hyun-Jung Lee

Interpreter and translator for Rotary International, specializing in: - KO/EN translation - KO/EN interpretation, simultaneous and consecutive

Latha Sukumar

Latha is an award winning lawyer and social entrepreneur whose goal has been to grow a socially responsible and sustainable language services company that is the multilingual hub for the world, with a team of talented, motivated and passionate individuals committed to this goal.

Veronica Costea

Veronica Costea works as Director of Client Services at MCIS Language Services. She is a certified translator and interpreter with proficiency in 5 languages. She has wide-ranging experience that includes direct provision of language services, consulting, training and curriculum development, and linguistic research.

Steve Moitozo

Championing the business innovation agenda for an international NGO with 4,000 staff working in 90 countries. So people everywhere can thrive at the intersections of life and language.