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Freelancers: Angels or Demons?

Milena Rossi, Agustina Pioli, Fernando D'Aloia & Paula Zucherelli

Monday, 23 March, 2015
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Daily contact between LSPs and a continually-increasing number of freelancers is inevitable and critical to the success of any service provider. Yet the framework for these interactions needs desperately to be reimagined. Should we as contracting employers bestow greater freedom and independence, or encourage buy-in to the company culture? Through case studies, statistics, and qualified opinions, this session will explore these two possible models for a new kind of working relationship between LSPs and their freelancers.

Milena Rossi

Milena Rossi graduated in 2000 from the School of Languages, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, as a Sworn English Translator. Upon completing her university degree, she studied and worked some time in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2005, she decided to set up Two Ways Translation Services together with Agustina Pioli, the other pillar of the agency. Since then, they have worked very hard to make Two Ways a translation agency globally recognized for its responsibility and quality of work.

Agustina Pioli

Born in Jujuy, a province in northern Argentina, Agustina enjoyed living for a semester in Australia as a teenager. She graduated as a Sworn Translator in 2000 from the School of Languages. During 2001 and 2002, she attended Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia, USA, as part of the Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) sponsored by Rotary International. After being a freelancer for 3 years, in 2005, together with Milena Rossi, founded Two Ways Translation Services, their flagship.

Fernando D'Aloia

Fernando D'Aloia founded Latin-data in 2001. With prior experience as a journalist as well as a media and brand image analyst he excelled in marketing communications support for companies in many Latin American countries. He has positioned his firm as a regional leader in localization for marketing and corporate communications. Latin-data was selected as "leader provider" for SAP Language Services in 2009 and developed a unique cross training methodology which is applicable for several industries. Fernando is an active member at Translated in Argentina network.

Paula Zucherelli

Paula Zucherelli graduated as a literary, scientific and technical translator in 1996. Since then she has gained experience as both a freelancer and a team leader, which has helped her implement a unique cross-training methodology which Latin-data has applied for many years. She trains new freelancers and in-house colleagues in a wide variety of skills, from marketing and corporate communications to the use of CAT tools and client profiles, always seeking innovative, friendly ways of collaborating.