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For many translators and project managers, the rush-rush, hurry-up, just-in-time strategy for project completion has become the norm. Consequently, vast numbers of localization professionals find it difficult to achieve a balance between their working and private lives. Explore some of the collaborative, creative solutions to this timeless challenge to take the pressure off individuals and rely on finely-tuned systems instead. By dividing work into smaller, manageable tasks, using collaborative tools, rethinking relationship models with translators, and managing tailored schedules, e2f translations has seen significant improvements in morale and productivity. Hear how you can, too.

Michel Lopez

Born and raised in France, Michel has been living abroad since 1987 after earning an MS Degree in Computer Science. In 2004, he founded e2f translations, now a 50-people group with offices in California, France, Madagascar & Mauritius. The leading English to French single language vendor, e2f partners with many multi language vendors and localization departments of large companies in all sectors (IT, Marketing, Legal, Financial, Life Sciences, etc.) and geographies. With a 30 to 50% growth rate seven years in a row, e2f translates today over 25 million new words per year, exclusively from English to French.