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Experiences from Two Latin American PhD Students in Ireland

Alfredo Maldonado Guerra & Lilian Mamani Sanchez

Monday, 01 April, 2013
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Liliana Mamani Sánchez and Alfredo Maldonado Guerra, two Latin American PhD students at Trinity College Dublin who are funded by CNGL, talk about their background and experiences in Ireland as Latin American students, giving an overview of their research as well as discussing career prospects for Latin American graduates.

This session was presented at think! Latin America Dublin, organized by CCaps and SpeakLatam.

Alfredo Maldonado Guerra

Alfredo Maldonado Guerra researches Computational Lexical Semantics and Language Engineering in Terminology and Localization at Trinity College Dublin.

Lilian Mamani Sanchez

Liliana Mamani Sanchez is a researcher at Trinity College Dublin.