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Localization managers often complain that it’s difficult to assess and compare language services vendors – that they all look alike. When you add the challenge of understanding the supply chain for translation and localization services, even the most experienced procurement staff struggle to understand the complexities of pricing, supplier types, services, subcontracting relationships, and specialties. Some try to solve the problem with complicated RFPs, but find this is only marginally successful.

To address this common challenge, language industry experts from the GALA community formed a working group and carried out research to determine the fundamental parameters by which service providers can be measured and compared. This webinar will examine the results of their research – a list of twelve key dimensions in three main areas – that can help procurement staff compile clear data for evaluation and comparison purposes.

Véronique Özkaya

Véronique is currently GALA Board Chair. She also hold the position of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Xplanation, a global provider of languages services and technology headquartered in Belgium. As a member of management, she is responsible for the company’s sales, marketing and account management strategies. Prior to joining Xplanation, Véronique held senior management roles at Moravia, Lionbridge and Stream International. Educated in France and Ireland, Véronique holds a double master’s degree in International Politics and Administration from the Université Grenoble as well as a Diploma in Public Relations from the Institute of Public Relations of Ireland.

Maria Kania-Tasak

Maria Kania-Tasak has worked in the translation industry for over 14 years and has great passion for it. She is Polish-Canadian (born in Poland but grew up in Canada). She studied Rhetoric and Professional Writing at University of Waterloo, Canada. After working as a Technical Writer for Marconi/Ericsson in Montreal, she decided to move back to Europe in 2001 where she worked as a Business Development Manager and Sales Manager for various European LSPs. She currently holds a position of Strategic Account Manager at Sajan. Maria is an activist on the topic of translation services RFPs and has written articles and given presentations about it at various translation conferences. She is also a founder of the Catalan chapter of Women in Localization. Maria currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Serge Gladkoff

Serge Gladkoff graduated from an elite Russian nuclear science college and for more than twenty-four years has been engaged in the localization industry, first as a deputy director for a software distribution company Dialogue-MEPhI, then as a localization manager of Moscow office of Borland International and for twenty years ongoing, as the President and co-owner of the Logrus International Corporation. Serge has been a speaker and presenter at many events, and served as an elected GALA Board member from 2009-2012 and again since 2014. Serge is the founder of the largest online professional community in the localization industry, the Localization Professional group on LinkedIn.