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Enterprises in the Silicon Valley and other hot “incubator areas” compete fiercely for positioning, revenue, and being first to market. But penetrating global markets doesn’t happen overnight. The machinery needed to launch and sustain global growth includes executive commitment, site investment, strong HR policies, legal compliance, partnerships, joint ventures, and more. The one team that has a part in all of this is the globalization team. In this webinar, we’ll indulge our fantasies and describe what it would look like to have the ideal globalization team.  It is comprised of the right professionals, it is highly functional, it is aligned with executives, and the team is full of morale and enthusiasm. It also turns out that it is not all about translation, or even strategy. Rather, it is about balance, alignment, and efficiency.

This presentation was co-hosted with Women in Localization.

Anna Schlegel

Anna N. Schlegel is a native of Catalunya who has lived and worked in the California Bay Area since 1992. Her background encompasses 20 + years of leading global digital teams, localization, internationalization, technical publications and global engineering teams at VMware, VeriSign, Xerox, and Cisco. Currently, she is Sr. Director of Globalization and Information Engineering at NetApp. Anna is passionate about creating new leaders, entering new complex markets, and she thrives on innovation. Anna is one of the 3 founders of Women in Localization, a 2000+ member community to foment globalization. Her ideas, writings and innovation programs have been portrayed on Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley. Anna was selected as the first Globalization Innovator by SDL.