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E.g., 09/29/2020
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Focusing on a lean and agile approach, Concorde has begun to translate large online content in the “scrum” framework. What is achieved with this approach is commitment of the client, commitment of the translators, cooperation both between the translators themselves and with the client, and immediate feedback on the translation projects. When supported by the right software, feedback can be implemented at any time. It is essential that the software used does not work with large im- and exports but has an integration with the client’s system, so that small units can be translated, corrected and published easily.

This talk familiarizes the audience with the principles of scrum and how to apply the framework to overcome the challenges of translating large projects.

Yumke Kaptein

I have an extensive background in the humanities, with a Bachelor Degree in Literary science from Leiden University and a Master's Degree in Gender Studies from Utrecht University. I made my entrance as a professional in the language industry when I joined Concorde Group. I started as a trainee as part of the innovation team and am now Client Manager. In my current role as Client Manager I am responsible for implementing innovative translation techniques and handling complicated translation assignments. When it comes to large-scale projects, that are highly complex in language-technological terms, Agile is always my guiding principle.