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E.g., 07/16/2020
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Running and growing a successful business is not a straightforward, easy operation. Company owners are being confronted with a competitive landscape, where buyers face considerable budgetary constraints and service suppliers are forced to adapt to the new era of cost reduction, increased process efficiencies, short turnaround–times and more. Some companies face serious issues preventing them from growing successful and sustainable businesses.  

This session addresses obstacles that prevent companies from growing their business. In order to grow, you need a business plan. Learn the different elements that need to be addressed in a growth strategy plan and discover best practices in the different areas of growth strategy, such as resource planning and retention, management skills, specialization and segmentation, M&A, etc.

Clio Schils

Clio Schils has more than 20 years’ experience in the translation industry on both the client and vendor sides, with a distinct focus on life sciences operational management. She has held leadership positions in which strategizing and leading large operational teams in a highly regulated environment were two of her core responsibilities; the nearly ten years she spent with Medtronic gave her the critical experience needed in highly regulated localization processes. Clio is a long-standing organizer and moderator of the Life Sciences Business Round Table and in September 2016 she was elected as an Elia Board Member and Vice-Treasurer for a two-year term.