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E.g., 07/11/2020
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Since both the end-users and the translators involved in our projects at Avantpage, Inc. are often immigrants, our company has multiple opportunities to meet its mission to empower immigrants to reach their American dream. For the quality area, this can be concretely applied through the purposeful use of consistent terminology in our translations. To this end, we investigated whether editors were marking glossary violations as often as they occurred. Our corpus for this study was composed of evaluations of our translations during an 8-month period, particularly the category of accuracy > mistranslation > terminology > company, an error type based on MQM for evaluating translation quality. We compared these data with the percentage of glossary violations found after uploading the same translation corpus and glossaries to XBench to run its glossary quality check. The results of this study suggest that editors tend to underreport glossary violations when editing translations. This webinar will present the results of our study and discuss their implications for localization quality.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the Director of Continuous Quality Improvement at Avantpage, Inc., a localization and translation company with offices in Davis, CA, Mexico City, and Warsaw, Poland. She is also a Research Associate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Davis, where she received her PhD. She holds a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, a master’s degree in Spanish Literature, and an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational and Behavioral Psychology. After 16 years in academia, Serena brought her teaching and assessment experience to Avantpage, which she used to create the quality program there.