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Developing Innovative Curriculum for University Partnerships

Ümit Özaydin & Çağdaş Acar

Thursday, 16 July, 2015
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A collaboration between your company and a local university could be a great opportunity for both parties, but it will not happen overnight. Finding willing partners and proving the benefit to universities is just the first (big) step. Once you get the thumbs up, you will face the challenge of developing a manageable curriculum, creating an internship program, and ensuring the students are having fun and staying interested. In this webinar, Dragoman’s Umit Ozaydin and Cagdas Acar will share their experience of creating a successful university partnership that benefits both their business and their students. Learn how to establish a partnership, develop curriculum, and utilize cloud technologies to help bridge the localization industry’s talent gap.

Ümit Özaydin

Ümit has been in the translation industry for 20 years. He is the founder and General Manager of Dragoman Translation, a leading translation and interpreting provider in Turkey. Dragoman serves to over 500 end clients including the World Bank, UNDP, NATO and EU. Dragoman is a partner of XTM International, the leading British cloud translation technologies provider, and together they are developing Nubuto, a white-label version of XTM-Cloud in Turkey. Follow Ümit @ozaydinumit.

Çağdaş Acar

Çağdaş Acar was born in the Aegean region of Turkey. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies at Bogazici University, he went on to do a master’s in Western Literature at the Catholic University of Leuven. He eventually settled back in Istanbul, having lived in places such as Aydin, Ankara, Antwerp and Leuven. He has undertaken responsibilities in journals such as Evire Çevire, Çevirmenin Notu, and Çeviribilim. In addition he has worked as a literary translator at Ayrinti and Everest publishing houses. His interest in technology and integration are what brought him to Dragoman Language Technologies, where he has been the editor of Dragosfer since May 2012. Currently, he is pursuing new initiatives through international partnerships.