E.g., 04/05/2020
E.g., 04/05/2020

Demystifying the Magic Translation Button Part 2: Implementing Machine Translation

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This is the second half of a two-part workshop for buyers and suppliers interested in implementing Machine Translation (MT), outlining key considerations in workflow, content and process. The presenters address the usage of MT for information gisting and/or communication purposes across languages as well as the integration of MT in the translation production process.

The two will describe various scenarios currently used by LSPs to offer Machine Translation services to their customers as well as tips and tricks that are important for clients of MT services. They will discuss differences among MT systems on the market, including models for systems, hosting, and data security as well as integrating MT with the translation production process. They will also examine the following: which formats and text types are suitable; the correlation of content input to MT output quality; how to automate pre- and post-editing steps; how to manage expectations; integration with staff processes; which markets are ready; and the potential financial benefits for parties involved.

Daniel Grasmick

Daniel Grasmick has accumulated extensive knowledge in translation, localization, and language technology tools over the last 30 years. Starting with customer support at Logos Corporation in 1987, he joined SAP AG in 1990 where he set up the MultiLingual Technology Solutions Group. He not only managed daily operation tasks, but also worked on innovative solutions (MT, CL, Terminology, etc.), many of which are considered state-of-the-art in the language industry.

Pedro Diez-Orzas

Pedro is the founder and CEO at Linguaserve I.S. S.A., a company providing cutting-edge multilingual solutions. He has a PhD in Computational Linguistics, and is also Professor at the university in Madrid. He is an expert in Language Engineering & Translation, with 25 years of professional experience in R&D in language industries. Pedro developed his career at WordPerfect as Head of Spanish Lexicography; at Novell as head of multilingual semantics; and as European Project Coordinator (INTERLEX), Technical Manager (EuroWordNet), a member of EU Project MLW-LT and ITS 2.0 IG, as well as in several universities.