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E.g., 07/14/2020

Data Visualization – The Intersection of Machine and Humans

Steve Chu

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019
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Data visualization is the art and science of presenting data in a visual way. In the business world, it is usually about creating dashboards to visualize financial, operational, sales, and production data. These data points are mathematical abstractions of human behavior. The dashboards based on these abstractions are then used to make business decisions, policy decisions—to dictate or influence human behavior.

This session will examine the advances in data visualization and how language companies have used advanced data visualization techniques. AI and advanced algorithms can be applied to data visualization to determine company performance KPIs, sales forecast, and individual productivity goals. 
Language companies are using these AI-driven data visualization to implement new workflows and drive changes in human behaviors. These applications range from sophisticated production and operations dashboards to auto resume matching to advanced sales forecast and pipeline management. This talk will showcase some examples and techniques that have proven successful.

Steve Chu

Steve Chu has more than 20 years of diversified management experience in general management, sales, marketing, and operations. Through Treehouse Strategy, Steve and his associate as well as partners have helped their clients develop their sales and marketing strategies, develop new customers, expand into new markets, streamline operations, as well as implement business and technology solutions.