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Measuring translation quality is a persistent challenge for the localization industry. As the amount of multilingual content created every year continues to grow, translation quality becomes critical for achieving desired business goals and requires a predictive assessment at the center of the translation process. 

This webinar challenges the presumption that translation quality cannot be quantitatively measured and examines the data that is needed to improve modern translation management strategies. The unparalleled transparency made possible by data enables global brands to make shrewd evaluations of translators.

Smartling’s newly-launched Quality Confidence Score™ (QCS) is a prediction of expected accuracy based on the analysis of more than 75 behavior-based success factors. As a result, the QCS™ can identify and predict the likelihood of careless translations, and it can inspire strategic workflow adjustments based on metrics gathered and analyzed throughout the translation process, allowing customers to gain reliable and actionable insights to optimize their business in real time.

Kunal Sarda

Kunal (Senior Director, Language Services) joined Smartling in 2016 via the acquisition of his business, VerbalizeIt. Prior to founding VerbalizeIt, Kunal worked as a management consultant, and helped guide global commercial strategy for early stage and Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.