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E.g., 04/08/2020
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The translation paradigm is changing, like it or not! There is a new focus on vendor ratings, centralized enterprise-wide workflows, and maximizing TM ownership. Offering vendor independent Business Intelligence allows more to get accomplished with existing staff while reducing the stress and cost of going global. Scott Carothers, Senior Globalization Executive at Kinetic.theTechnologyAgency explores some best practices for today's translation buyers. The translation industry has been driven by the supply side of the equation since before the internet. But with the realization that the industry has been flattened and commoditized, power is shifting from supplier to buyer. Here are just a few of the questions Scott will address during this webinar: What are best practices for today's translation buyers? How will workflow automation simplify the Buyers' process? How will Business Intelligence improve the Buyers' procurement processes? Why will a Bidding Platform work at the Users' level? Why be vendor independent & rate vendors?

Scott Carothers

Scott Carothers is a Senior Globalization Executive with Kinetic.theTechnologyAgency, the leading global provider of enterprise brand & asset management software solutions. He is a 30-year veteran in corporate marketing with a focus on technical solutions, new product introductions and software. His start was on a genesis team introducing one of the first DOS PC-based graphics software; successfully placing the product into 300 of the Fortune 500s.