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Culture Hacking for Corporate Senior Management: Global Teams that Perform

Yuka Ghesquière Nakasone & Kris Girrell

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019
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Many global companies are operating with multinational teams involving members with different cultures, locations and native languages. Compared to the marketing or product teams that have a helping hand from globalization and localization teams, the corporate leadership team is left behind dealing with these differences. Corporate executives may not even realize that concepts like motivation, quality, excellence and potential are uniquely defined by both their native culture and language. They don’t even know that their tactics that work with culturally homogenous teams to elevate their performance may not work with mixed or other cultures. It not only makes the challenge of elevating individual or team performance in a global team a mission nearly impossible, but also makes them feel clueless and powerless.

The presenters, a corporate executive coach and a globalization strategist, began exploring the solution with a specific case of a multinational executive and realized that merging their professional techniques may solve the problem. From the corporate executive coaching practice, the approach was to address personality or individual differences, and from the globalization strategist side, to utilize techniques to decipher and address the cultural and language differences used for global marketing.  Interestingly enough, both include some aspects of emotional intelligence.

The presenters discovered that when these techniques are implemented effectively, taking advantage of the diversity in the team, the corporate leaders can even improve performance even further.  As these two complementary fields continue to evolve, the potential for improved performance and increased morale move with them.

Yuka Ghesquière Nakasone

Yuka is the chief strategist at Global Bridge, a globalization consulting company that helps businesses to think and be global by adopting best practise globalization and localization strategies, and level up through globalized EQ coaching. She has held various leadership roles in localization, most recently in her capacity as Globalization and Localization Director at Beabloo, a renowned retail analytics and technology company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Kris Girrell

Kris is a strategic consultant and executive leadership coach, specializing in senior leaders of global organizations in High Tech, Pharmaceuticals, Finance and Service industries. He has assisted leaders and their organizations increase productivity, streamline processes, and develop successors on four continents. In his 35 years he has been a Regional Leader and SVP as well as practice leader for several consulting firms and for the past 5 years run his own practice. Kris is a published author, trainer, keynote speaker and educator who is committed to creating results that lead to lasting change.