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Critical Knowledge for Success in Multimedia Localization (Metro Audio and Video)

Maya Tsirulnik & Tim Giardina

Thursday, 10 July, 2014
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Project managers, vendor managers, and sales teams can easily lose clients without an adequate understanding of the multimedia localization landscape. Metro Audio and Video’s Timothy Giardina and Maya Tsirulnik discuss critical knowledge of the multimedia localization market and associated services such as open versus closed subtitles, voiceovers, voiceover talent, eLearning software, script development, and more.

Maya Tsirulnik

Maya Tsirulnik is Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Her extensive background dealing with digital marketing and multimedia localization brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise to Metro Audio and Video. As one of Metro’s first employees, Maya has played an instrumental role in creating and formalizing the company’s sales strategy and structure.

Tim Giardina

Tim Giardina began his career as a sound engineer and rapidly became familiar with video and motion graphics production and the localization industry. Tim’s first job was working in the foreign language multimedia localization industry while he was receiving his degree in audio production. Today, his team of skilled engineers and producers have allowed Metro Audio and Video to revolutionized the need to produce multimedia for a global audience.