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Continuous delivery methods are increasingly being used to deliver the right content at the right time to global consumers. The "information now" generations, as well as a desire by companies to improve customer experience and generate brand differentiation, are drivers.
In a global context, the challenges with getting global content out are varied and complex. In this webinar recording, Marriott's Sonia Zamborsky and Danfoss's Pasi Savola discuss with Dave Ruane from Xplanation current challenges they face, the options they pursue for overcoming them, and insights that have helped them achieve results in the realm of continuous delivery. If you have an interest in customer experience, agile, and continuous delivery, you can watch this webinar for distinct perspectives from the hospitality and manufacturing industries. 

Discussion includes:

  • The role of Continuous Delivery in global content lifecycles
  • Product flux: What is the minimum viable product to make the sale?
  • Process: what to translate, "one size fits all" versus right sized models, fine-tuned content to market, linking with agile sprint schedules
  • The Gain equation - What are the relative "Time to market", "Customer Experience",  "Revenue and cost" gains and losses
  • Quality: absolute versus usable versus informational, role of live telemetry  
  • Customer Experience: Content modularisation, on-demand content, future proofing  and new platforms(IOT, VR, AR)

Sonia Zamborsky

As Director of Product Field Support & Communications for Digital Globalization, Sonia Zamborsky helps optimize Marriott's global digital channels across a diverse portfolio of international products. She provides operations leadership for an extended team at HQ and around the globe.Sonia's focus this year includes an examination of merchandising and personalization tactics as they relate to the global digital marketplace. She's pretty excited about the recent Starwood merger, and is looking forward to using the associate discount on properties in Tahiti.

Pasi Savola

As Director, Technical Communication at Danfoss Drives, Pasi helps the customers to get the most out of their products. Pasi's team creates the user guides of the products and the content is translated to more than 30 different languages. Pasi's vision is to improve the customer experience by making the product documentation easier, faster and more relevant. Pasi is an educated translator and has 17 years of experience in the field of industrial technical communication.

Dave Ruane

As enterprise business development director, Dave Ruane helps Xplanation position business resources, solutions, and expertise to support global customers. He currently leads the continuous delivery, and agile localization methodologies strategy, and is involved in the company-wide focus on simplifying translation. He has been in the Localization industry over 20 years, many of those spent designing and deploying cross-sector globalization solutions.