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E.g., 07/11/2020
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The “wisdom of the crowds” might be able to tell us how to best localize for a particular market. But how do you actually implement a solution for that? Which components and what architecture do you need to have users translate or give translation feedback? This webinar is intended for those in the industry who want to learn how to leverage existing solutions or want to build their own.

Soren Eberhardt

Soren Eberhardt is a Senior Program Manager in the Skype localization team at Microsoft. He has been working in the field of internationalization and localization for over 20 years, both on the vendor and client side, and in different roles: as translator, localization engineer, and project manager. He has taught localization classes at the University of Washington and CAT tools at NYU. The language with the fewest speakers he has ever localized a product for is Inuktitut.