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In the language services technologies market one of the newest entrants and fastest moving sectors is that of the Interpretation Management System (IMS) and the Interpretation Delivery Platform (IDP). There are a handful of tech companies able to provide robust cloud-based solutions that support both IMS and IDP in the LSP community. How can this next generation of interpretation tools and technologies expand financial and business opportunities for both LSPs and interpreters alike and what are some of the requirements for each to successfully deploy or support these solutions? Key concepts will include logistics, costs, quality and service requirements, technology needs and challenges, potential pitfalls to try and avoid, and best practices to assure the successful deployment of these platforms.

Dieter Runge

VP and Co-Founder at Boostlingo a language software and technology company, our Boostlingo platform is an end-to-end SAAS based Interpretation Management and Delivery Platform. I have worked in and around the language industry since 1998 managing language business operations and also sales and marketing activities throughout the US, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and throughout South East Asia. Presently located in San Francisco, California.