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Business Intelligence Meets Globalization: Collaborative Metrics for the Future

Emre Akkas & Loic Dufresne De Virel

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013
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Metrics such as cost per word and TM leverage are de rigueur for LSPs attempting to demonstrate their competitive advantage. But can these metrics truly be applied to effectively measure efficiency and productivity across a wide variety of projects, content types, industries, and clients? What baseline measurements are necessary for driving meaningful process improvement? This session will advocate for the collaborative client-vendor approach to business intelligence metrics and will present the accomplishments of one such client-vendor team. Join this discussion about the need for a shared definition of what constitutes a “good performance” and learn how to truly measure success.

Emre Akkas

Emre Akkas is a language technologies expert with years of experience in global outreach and multilingual publishing, and a passion for business and entrepreneurship. After working at many different language companies and finally at Intel Corporation, he co-founded Globalme in 2009. At Globalme, he oversees technical operations and leads the research and development efforts to increase efficiency in localization through automation.

Loic Dufresne De Virel

A regular speaker at industry events (IUC, WorldWare, LocWorld, GALA, W3C), Loïc has been involved in translation, localization, and internationalization for over 20 years. Loïc joined Intel in 1999, where he now oversees the overall localization strategy, the day-to-day business operations, and the financial management of Intel's in-house localization team. He is also responsible for the deployment, maintenance, and support of Intel’s translation management system.