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Building Your Localization Career

Soren Eberhardt, Ana Mandic, Dulce Carillo & Darren Monk

Thursday, 03 October, 2019
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Are you either new to localization and wondering how to find your first job? Or do you have a few years of experience under your belt already and want to know how to move on to your next assignment? In this webinar we hear from three localization professionals who graduated from the University of Washington Certificate in Localization Program and who moved on to build successful careers in the industry: Ana Mandic (Amazon), Dulce Carillo (Philips), and Darren Monk (Philips) will discuss how they got their first break and what they learned in their initial jobs that enabled them to move into new positions. What skills and competencies did they need, how and where did they acquire them, and what did they learn on the way from graduate to working professional?  This conversation will be moderated by Soren Eberhardt who is an instructor in the UW Certificate in Localization Program and Microsoft employee.

Soren Eberhardt

Soren Eberhardt is a Senior Program Manager in the Global Engagement Team at Microsoft. He has been working in the field of internationalization and localization for over 20 years, both on the vendor and client side, and in different roles: as translator, localization engineer and project manager. He has taught localization classes at the University of Washington and CAT tools at NYU and Montclair State University. The language with the fewest speakers he has ever localized a product for is Inuktitut.

Ana Mandic

Ana is a Translation and Localization Project Manager at Amazon. Her educational background is in Linguistics and foreign languages. She’s been working in the translation and localization industry for over 10 years in various roles, ranging from translator and interpreter to Localization Quality and Program Manager. She is also a Membership Manager at the Pacific Northwest Chapter of Women in Localization. Ana is passionate about connecting cultures by bringing world-class products to people in their native languages.

Dulce Carillo

Dulce Carrillo currently manages localization for all Sonicare Apps at Philips for their connected line of toothbrushes. She was born and raised in Mexico, but as a Journalism student always had her eye on foreign lands and languages. Her travels and studies took her to places like France, Germany, and the USA, where she currently resides. She transitioned from journalism into the translation and localization fields 10 years ago, and has held a variety of roles in industries like court interpretation, video games, life sciences, software as a service, and IoT products. Dulce is a certified Localization Project Manager, ECQA Advanced Terminology Manager, and Six Sigma Green Belt. A lifelong learner, she's currently a Technical Communication and Localization Master’s Candidate at the University of Strasbourg in France.

Darren Monk

Darren is a localization project manager for Class 3 Advanced Life Support medical devices within the Emergency Care and Resuscitation Devices department at Philips.