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E.g., 09/22/2020
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This webinar reviews NetApp’s G11n technology stack and sources of G11n data. Learn how the team deals with a multitude of data sources, centralizes them into one source of truth, and uses automated push reporting via data visualizations in Tableau.

NetApp began their Localization Metrics based primarily on quality, SLAs, and vendor KPIs about 9 years ago. The data was voluminous, hand calculated, and cumbersome to aggregate on just even a quarterly basis. Globalization (G11n) metrics are now maturing into a repeatable, automated process where G11n Business Intelligence can be mined, analyzed, and used in the decision-making process as we work towards our goal of a Transparent Globalization Maturity Model.

Barbara Burbach

Barbara is currently the Senior Globalization Data Architect at NetApp. She manages many of the tools and systems used by the globalization team for BI analytics and has had a variety of roles in the team spanning process and operations with a focus on Machine Translation. Formerly Barbara was the localization manager for the Global Web Marketing and Strategy team at Cisco Systems. Prior to Cisco, she managed localization for several of the HP.com portals and was the internationalization manager for Hewlett-Packard’s Unix lab.