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Kirti Vashee gives an overview of MT technology and about the key requirements and best practices in making MT part of your overall business strategy. Learn the new skills required for success and also point out how skilled use and deployment of MT can help LSPs develop long term competitive advantages. Topics include: Basic History of MT; RbMT vs SMT and emerging Hybrids; The Business Case & Economic Rationale; Understanding Customization of MT Engines as a Key to Success; Understanding and Building Leverageable Linguistic Data Assets; New Skills & Future Manpower Requirements; A Case Study: Using Technology To Build Competitive Advantage

Kirti Vashee

Kirti Vashee is a seasoned sales and marketing executive of technology products who has built a reputation as an evangelist for SMT technology. He has been a prominent and accomplished speaker on automated translation technology in a variety of localization and globalization technology focused conferences around the world. He is a former AMTA board member and the Moderator of the largest MT related group on LinkedIn - Automated Language Translation. He is also an active blogger on MT related subjects Empty Pages