E.g., 09/29/2020
E.g., 09/29/2020

Building a Flexible Supply Chain in a Dynamic Service Delivery Landscape

Katerina Gasova & Marie Kotajsova

Thursday, 23 July, 2020
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The portfolio of services requested by Buyers has evolved from the traditional localization requests that focus primarily on high-quality translations towards a broad variety of tasks that go far beyond transferring the source content into the target one. In this webinar we share our view of this shift and how it is reflected in our “multi-color supply chain”. Examples and tips illustrate how tapping into the right talent (just) for the specific type of service and (just) in the right moment is the key to success.

We also highlight how the interaction with the Client is pivotal for getting a perfect understanding of Client’s expectations on the type of service, service delivery models, cost, timelines and quality, and how talent profiling has to match the goals specified for the product or service by the Client / Buyer. Though smart technologies are inevitable our industry is human-centered, and we therefore also discuss the collaborative framework of various experts (vendor manager, linguistic quality manger, domain and/or market experts) that we consider a must for creative sourcing and on-boarding, focused talent assignment and engagement, and building a long-term relationship with our community of external collaborators.

Katerina Gasova

Katerina Gasova joined the first localization team of Moravia IT s.r.o. in 1994, having previously specialized in technical and legal translations. In 2004 Katerina set the foundation for Moravia's Linguistic Services Department to develop and implement language quality management strategy and expert language-related services at Moravia. As a team leader, expert advisor and mentor, Katerina has been supporting the world-wide team of in-house and in-country linguistic experts in linguistics, quality assurance, terminology management, machine translation quality assessment and post-editing in theory and practice. Katerina holds a Master’s Degree from Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Arts, in English and German Language and Literature. She lives in Brno, Czech Republic.

Marie Kotajsova

Marie Kotajsova started her localization career more than 10 years ago in Moravia IT as vendor manager. She moved through different positions and spent the last few years in Moravia as Supply Chain Director, managing the vendor management and quality management teams. After Moravia, Marie lead the Supply Chain at Vistatec, after which she worked as a localization consultant for a couple of years before rejoining Moravia in 2018 in the role of Supply Chain Director again. Marie holds a Master degree in English and French Literature and Cultural Studies.