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E.g., 07/14/2020
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This session addresses Spil Games' evolution from being “the localization team”, considered a post-production service group that was brought in at the end of development and always “holding things up,” to the “Globalization Team,” which is now involved as an integral part of the entire game production cycle. The presentation addresses this evolution in four parts:  automation, visibility, proven added value, and content strategy. Learn how the team evolved into a true strategic business partner by getting involved earlier in the development process, managing internal PR, aligning processes with business value and proving the ROI of localization within the company.

Patricia Doest

Patricia is a global content expert with around 10 years’ experience in the localization industry, both on the vendor and buyer side. She began her localization career as a linguist/reviewer at multiple LSPs, has held positions as a Localization Project Manager, and is currently manager of the Globalization department at Spil Games.

Karen Loughrey