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E.g., 04/09/2020
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Managers of LSPs and brands struggle to understand the drivers behind modular, structured content (DITA being the common standard of choice). Noz Urbina, Senior Consultant, Trainer and Content Strategist at Mekon Ltd., looks at the questions of “Why DITA? Why now?” in the context of current and future trends in product development and communications. Modular, structured content is not only a technology but a methodology and way of working. When properly contextualized and explained, managers can see how modernizing processes and thinking can address: Mobile and multiplatform delivery; Social media; Third-party content, review, and process integration; Search; Usability and customer experience. But how do we actually present this to managers? What are the benefits for the LSP? What are the benefits for the brand? Why should they rally together around DITA? What are the benefits for the end content consumer and product user? What does a project look like? What are the dangers and pain points of implementation? All these questions and more will be addressed during this webinar in the context of market trends and real world case studies.

Noz Urbina

Noz Urbina is a Senior Consultant, Trainer and Content Strategist for Mekon Ltd. During over a decade of activity in the content arena, he has provided services to Fortune 500 organizations and small-to-medium enterprises, often around CMS, DITA and XML management systems. His expertise is brought into projects for requirements analysis, management presentations, project planning and scoping, and tool selection support.