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The days of calling up translators from a rolodex are long gone and virtually all LSPs are using vendor management programs to assign projects, manage invoicing, and recruit vendors. But while an LSP may be able to carefully choose a system from among a host of various offerings or customize one of their own, translators make their own selections. They face a wide variety of solicitations and vendor management systems every day they open their inbox.

Deciding which LSPs a translator will work with or which projects they may accept are often based on more than just pricing. The vendor management system is very often the only real interface that translators may have with your company. 

This webinar recording will help you consider the best features and factors of a vendor management system that will attract top talent, keep communication smooth, and improve the speed and quality of the projects. 

David Rumsey

A veteran of the language industry since 1993, David has worked as an agency project manager at Polyglot International, LinguaNet, Inc.; on the client side as a localization manager at Retek and Oracle Retail, and as a freelance Scandinavian translator since 2004. David is the current President of the American Translators Association, representing over 10,000 language professionals in over 93 countries.