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Manish Kanwal of Adobe looks at what it takes to project manage and localize one of the world's top hobbyist photo editing products in demanding conditions, right from the point the product is envisaged in demanding conditions, right from the point the product is envisaged. While popular products are a silver lining to any company’s brand value, program managing them requires handling multiple feature requests which are normally received from sources like blogs, prelease communities, emails etc. throughout the year. This results in changes coming throughout the cycle in a packed project schedule. Localization of such a fast paced product requires managing teams spread across the globe; quite literally. What makes it more challenging from project management perspective is that these are cross functional teams, and most of these do not come under direct control of the localization project manager.

Manish Kanwal

Manish Kanwal is IT management professional with 7 years of project management experience across Scrum, Agile and Waterfall development models; and for both SAAS and Desktop Application products.