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The translation and localization sector is faced with the challenge of gathering, analyzing, and validating data to support go-to-market strategies and globalization decision making. Virtually all corporate globalization and localization managers must solve this data dilemma. They must gather and present meaningful data to executive teams to support market expansion decisions and to defend and secure localization budgets and resources.

We invite you to read this white paper to get an overview of data-driven globalization and the factors, principles, and practices that support return on investment (ROI) discussions with the C-suite. 

What is the impact of data-driven globalization? What are the currents trends in this arena? What are the best practices for Extent of Localization (EOL) decision making? Find answers to these questions and more in this GALA white paper!

Lynda Roslund

Lynda develops innovative ways to drive growth in global markets. She has presented concepts, practices, and developed solutions on global product and marketing offerings to enterprise level clients throughout her career at companies like Microsoft, eBay and Apple. Both Lynda’s client side and consulting experience have prepared her for helping shape corporate strategies to increase market share, accelerate innovation cycle times, and create time and cost efficiencies for her companies and clients. Lynda is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.