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Customer success for global content requires a multi-faceted and phased approach because it is a moving target. Users shift to newer content platforms and discard the old, they expect content now, requiring a “continuous delivery” content workflow, and content must resonate with the audience to build a brand following. Global Customer Success is no longer measured by a linguistic quality score. Rather, it is dependent upon User Experience in different stages of the overall customer experience.
This panel of global content and user experience experts discusses the ways customer success is driven and measured and how to evolve and adapt models ahead of the changing customer and competitive landscape. Topics addressed include mapping the customer journey, cultural aspects of success, loyalty, and engagement.

Dave Ruane

Dave Ruane is enterprise business development director at Xplanation focusing on the industrial and manufacturing sectors. He has been in the localization industry since the mid-nineties and regularly contributes to industry events and forums. Dave is on a mission to inspire people in the localization industry to share their expertise and innovations effectively so that the collective knowledge increases and how we receive and use those nuggets of inspiration gets easier. He is co-founder of the Process Innovation Challenge, a platform for sharing innovation in the localization industry. Current interests also include continuous localization, agile methods, global content marketing, and simplification in localization.

Sonia Zamborsky

As Director of Product Field Support & Communications, Sonia Zamborsky helps optimize Marriott's global eCommerce channels across a diverse portfolio of international products. She provides operations leadership for an extended team at HQ and around the globe. (Basically she's the Chief Dot-Connector between corporate and the field.) Sonia's latest focus has been creating and refining a global operating model that examines the components of people, process, and technology to maximize product ROI.

Patrick Nunes

I am passionate about the development and implementation of transcultural communication strategies to advance strategic initiatives and grow global brand presence. I firmly believe in the concept of rebranding the role of linguists and by doing so, I am proud to say that as the Global Communications team at Rotary, we build and grow global brand presence through the coordination of compelling global content by driving overall effective communications. I lead a team of very talented professionals who work to elevate the Rotary brand, and ensure that our global communication is strategic and aligned with the organization's overall objectives.

Adrienne Caputo

After finishing her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and her master's degree in Spanish linguistics, Adrienne moved to Boston in 2013 where she began her career at a media planning agency. Motivated by her interest in philosophy and language, Adrienne transitioned to a role as a bilingual content strategist. There, her work shifted from the product-focused realm of traditional advertising to user-focused content, as she developed content strategies for both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. Adrienne became passionate about providing valuable experiences to customers through an understanding of their needs. Now, Adrienne works on Rapid7's User Experience team building processes and research plans to understand how customers experience various forms of help documentation. Adrienne also focuses on internal processes across the organization, designing experiences based on the challenges, priorities, and goals of their users.