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Babelverse: A Universal Platform for Interpreting

Mayel de Borniol & Josef Dunne

Monday, 24 March, 2014
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Babelverse founders Josef Dunne and Mayel de Borniol will share a bit of their story thus far; their challenges and learnings and where they see the industry heading. Babelverse brings innovative tools to the interpreting profession, made possible by today’s technologies which offer access to a larger global market by letting professional interpreters work remotely. Hear how advancements in technology, increased mobility, and the trend toward remote work and frequent travel are all coming together to create a new model – and market – for interpretation services.

Mayel de Borniol

Mayel de Borniol previously co–founded 3 startups before Babelverse (Podemus, a podcasting platform; LeLab.TV, an online TV; and ANETech Labs, a web/app agency). He's a glomad (a word he made up, but soon to be in the dictionary, just you wait!). French originally, but an expat much of his life, he's an entrepreneur who loves to travel and have fun. He roams the globe while building Babelverse, the real universal translator, using the power of the polyglots of the world. In the past year or so he has found himself in almost 20 countries, but he's not really counting. It's less about the destinations, and more about the journey! That's why he would love to be able to communicate with everyone, without language barriers.

Josef Dunne

Josef Dunne, a Co-founder of Babelverse, is originally from London, England. Recently he's been living and working in Greece, Chile and Argentina. A self-taught developer, he developed his first website in 1996 and took his first Junior Web Developer job in 1997. Since then he has created, grown, and nurtured numerous online communities. As a bona fide adventurer, Josef has been involved in projects like mapping/surveying an area of rainforest under attack from logging, living and working with the remote rainforest communities to help improve literacy levels, and building a brand new library for the local people. He loves creating great user experiences and believes the web should be accessible for all.