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Gunjan Sang, Vendor Manager at Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd., looks at how to attract and retain the best Asian translation vendors. With many languages and lots of business opportunities in Asia, finding the right vendor is crucial. Globalization has created a world with one common market where buyers and sellers are moving across boundaries. Perfectly localized products require the right translation vendor, and satisfied customers come from happy vendors. Gunjan looks at many of the aspects that are involved in attracting and retaining good Asian translation vendors.

Gunjan Sang

Gunjan Sang is a vendor manager at Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd. An Agra University Graduate who completed her MBA from Skyline Institute, Delhi, Gunjan's years of experience in the localization field began as a project coordinator. Now as a vendor manager, her main focus area is to attract and retain localization vendors, solve their queries, and establish long associations with them.