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E.g., 07/10/2020
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Most machine translation output is fine for basic Western LSP needs, as they usually translate within European languages. But for those whose mother tongues are very different, the use of MT is much more complicated. For most of those languages, MT output is of noticeably poorer quality. But what if we look at this issue from another angle? In this webinar, we will lay out the correlations between translations from synthetic to analytic languages, and vice versa. Does MT output between two analytic languages read better than that from an analytic language to a synthetic one? Can that be the beginning of a new quality approach? Join this webinar to find out.

Ivan Butin

Ivan Butin came to translation from the advertising industry. He initially worked in project management at ProfPerevod Company before becoming the head of their customer service department. At the beginning of 2020, Ivan joined Translink as the deputy head of translation. Technology development is one of the priority areas of his work. He is a regular participant in Russian innovation forums and at conferences in the industry.