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E.g., 07/16/2020
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Neural machine translation claims to provide human quality, or translations that are indistinguishable from texts created by people, but is that really so? While we are probably not there yet today, technology is extremely fast-paced. In this webinar we will show what the future of machine translation and the future of AI in the translation industry will look like. We will cover recent successful approaches for supervised and unsupervised learning, and discuss their current and, more importantly, future impact on people, processes, and technologies. Specifically, we will discuss what the role of translators, project managers, and even sales people will be in the mid-term, how current processes might be completely redesigned to focus on where people add value to machine work, and finally how technologies will evolve in our industry to enable a better solution to business needs.

Diego Bartolome

Diego is the Director of Artificial Intelligence at TransPerfect, where he oversees the R&D and the deployment of AI solutions for clients, including neural machine translation, natural language generation, recommender systems, natural language processing techniques, and many others. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Management and Business Administration. Diego served on the GALA Board of Directors from 2013 to 2015.

Anna Zaretskaya

Anna Zaretskaya joined TransPerfect in 2016 as a Machine Translation Training Coordinator after finishing her PhD in translation technologies and user needs. She has a background in general linguistics (undergraduate studies) and computational linguistics (MS). At first, her role at TransPerfect consisted in establishing and maintaining relationships with freelance translators and educating them on MT and post-editing, as well as providing training to internal teams in the company. Currently, she coordinates a variety of production processes that involve MT, which includes collaborating with different parties from freelance translators to TransPerfect clients.