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E.g., 07/14/2020
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With more and more customers understanding that localization should ideally be embedded into the development process, “Agile localization” is becoming more common. Yet, many localization vendors are still stuck in the practice of assigning a project manager to interact with the customer and distributing tasks to other team members. While this works fine with UI and UA localization, it fails to perform well for user experience (UX) localization.

This webinar discusses how vendor management is changing in response to the demands of Agile localization projects and looks specifically at a model where vendors provide their customers with a qualified team of localizers that cooperate with developers throughout a project. In this model, the vendor manager is considered part of the customer’s recruitment team and supplies the talent that is best suited for the project. This results in higher efficiency and better output, plus promotes cross-team information sharing.

Maxim Zamedyanskiy

Max is the Vendor Management Director at Janus Worldwide. He started working with the company in 2010 and has held positions as a localization project manager and also as a senior vendor manager. Max began his career at Logrus where he gained experience as a localization project manager and also engaged in vendor management tasks. Max has also worked as an in-house translator from English to Russian (IT, Technical translations). He graduated from the South Federal University (Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural communication, Translators Training Dept.) in Rostov-on-Don, Russia in 2009. He is devoted to localization. Everything is possible!