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E.g., 04/08/2020

Advanced Training for Alchemy CATALYST 10

Enda McDonnell

Thursday, 08 November, 2012
Free for GALA Members
$60.00 for Non-Members


Software comes in all shapes and sizes from embedded devices in the car and mobile platforms, to desktop and online applications, to help systems to web sites. Join Enda McDonnell for this advanced training session and learn how to better streamline your localization process with Alchemy CATALYST 10.

Topics to be covered include:

  • A run through of the CATALYST user interface
  • An examination of standard and non-standard file types
  • Statistics and word counts; protecting segments, individual words and patterns; ways to automate this
  • Generic as well as object oriented TMs
  • On-the-fly alignment to create high-quality TMs
  • How to auto-divide workload between team members.
  • One click filters that highlight work instantly
  • Using built-in quality checks and user-defined tests
  • The new Term Harvest feature that auto generates terminology database from software content

Enda McDonnell

Enda McDonnell is the Co-founder at Alchemy Software.