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AI and Deep Learning have brought dramatic improvements in efficiency and overall quality to a variety of industries. In the language sector, current AI use cases include chatbots for customer queries, named entity recognition for unstructured texts, and enhanced workflow automation. Can adoption of these technologies change the game for LSPs? Join us as three suppliers discuss how they are preparing to use AI technology to increase their competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction. The event will kick off with an introductory overview of AI and Deep Learning, followed by an open exchange about the current state of adoption within the industry and an outlook on the future.

Spence Green

Spence Green is co-founder and CEO of Lilt. He has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University where he worked under the direction of Chris Manning and Jeff Heer. His research area is the intersection of natural language processing and human-computer interaction. At Lilt he works on machine-assisted language translation.

David Čaněk

David Čanek is the founder and CEO of Memsource, a software company providing cloud translation technology based in Prague, Czech Republic. David, a graduate in Translation and Comparative Studies, received his education at Charles University, Prague, Humboldt University in Berlin, and the University of Vienna. His professional experience includes product management and business development roles in software and translation industries. David has delivered a number of presentations on innovation and trends in the translation industry, including the growing use of machine translation post-editing and cloud translation software.

Erik Vogt

Erik Vogt has worked with some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative technology customers in the world since 1998. His focus is on management and in developing data-driven solutions that solve real business problems in language services. With a passion for metrics, people and lateral thinking, Erik enjoys helping frame problems and quantitatively evaluate and implement unique win-win solutions.

Emre Akkaş

Emre Akkaş is a language technologies expert with years of experience in global outreach and multilingual publishing, and a passion for business and entrepreneurship. After working at many different language companies and finally at Intel Corporation, he co-founded Globalme in 2009. At Globalme, he oversees technical operations and leads the research and development efforts to increase efficiency in localization through automation.